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Stretching the limits

That is what I am doing right now and I have a hell of a sore body. My abs hurt, so do the thighs, calves, shoulder and arms. The feeling, however, is wonderful and the pain joyful. It reminds me that I have stuff to do after returning home. It reminds me that my body needs attention. It reminds me to double-check what I’m putting into my plate.

Stretches have started again with a bang and boy does it feel good already.

I started last week and last four days and today have been rest days. I am going to run from tomorrow. Probably three days a week. There is a new park in our area and I want to try it out. My current shoes are kinda worn out, so I am looking out to buy new running shoes. Even though I love my current shoes to bits I guess I’ll have to keep them away only for trekking which happens almost once in three months. I now need some nice a strong shoes with good grip which I can use both for plain surface and muddy trail runs. I am looking for Nike or Reebok but I am open to checking out other brands too. I’m not a workout-o-holic so anything less pricey which is good for my feet will do just fine. Go on, suggest me some, including ones in Nike/Reebok.

I have been doing breathing exercises too. A little of what I know and what I think might benefit me. I find that they soothe me after a rigorous stretch and help me concentrate and calm down. Clears my head basically. I was never good at holding my breath, now I hold my breath, quickly count till 5 and slowly release. I will slowly slow down my count so I can hold my breath calmly without panicking.

Crunches are something I enjoy most. I can cross crunch like crazy when I really want to. But not crazy like workout-o-holic crazy :).

Strength is my weak point and I buckle down when I have to push up. My arms shake and give way and I can do one or two bad push ups, that too holding the foot-board of the bed. I need more practice and strength. Time to jump into core training and body weight training. Planks are next on my list of exercises to try.

Next up: Waking up early and my failure to do so

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The joys of healthy eating

So my dears, I finally got back into the groove. Thank heavens I did. A little late actually but never mind that. Late is better than never. Right?

Now, what does it mean that I am back? I am back to my radical and practical self in my mind and my new mind right now is busy being astonished at the amount of tummy fat increase over the couple of months. Don’t remind me of the discontinued challenge. Yes, me is very sad about it.

Let us leave all that old and sad stories behind, shall we? And proceed towards new beginnings. Where I get back to thinking health almost all the time in the day. It is also the time where I started drinking ragi-ambli. The age-old formula of strength and fitness. I’m sure the health gurus might be sniggering at my late discovery of it. Or, on second thoughts, the health gurus probably don’t even read this blog. Ha!

Ragi was incorporated in my diet since my childhood. We used to have ragi-mudde and ragi-rotti. But that was all. And it gets boring after a point eating those two things. Especially when ragi doesn’t taste all that great. But I love it and hence wanted more of it. Mudde and rotti are difficult to make and take up a lot of time. So I looked up for the malt and got a simple recipe which I have linked above. I made it and had the version with added curd and salt. And holy cow, it is DELICIOUS! Only, avoid drinking at night as you might get sore throat due to curd.

Now, I have included it in my diet as a fitness drink. Only, I make it so thick I need to use spoon to eat it πŸ™‚ You can add butter milk and make it thin and drinkable.

Now the other healthy eating plans that I have are to eggs, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. And I’m quite happy to say that I enjoy eating all of them and can convert them into different forms for variety.

Eggs: boiled, omelet, vegetable omelet, spinach omelet, scrambled, egg sandwich, bread omelet.

Whole grains (grams): soaked and salted, soaked and mixed with vegetables with salt and pepper, soaked and tempered, boiled with salt. Mixed pulses masala idlis, mixed pulses masala dosa.

Vegetables: Half cooked/stir fried with chapati, raw salad, pulav/biryani with lots of veggies and less spice, vegetable fried rice.

Fruits: least one fruit a day and mostly 3 fruit juices a week.

I am so happy to get back. Finally. And I am pretty sure I am going to stay right here, on track. Because I need that tummy tucked in by November. Also trust me, eating healthy elevates your mood and keeps your happy. Also increased metabolism drives your day.

And here is the food pyramid everybody should know about.Β And hey exercise mat, feels good to meet you again.


Summer cleaning update – yes, once again

And I am back. With a vengeance. Back to back posts, Who would’ve thought! πŸ˜€

I had not expected myself to do an update on this before the summer ends. Here I am doing just that, because I want to follow-up with what I had promised myself: a clean house, a clean cupboard, a healthy mind and body.

Read here for the start-up post and here and here for the updates.

I am pretty proud of myself with the house cleaning part, as in, I’ve been cleaning up every alternative day. As in really cleaning up. Cleaning the cupboard is still a WIP. Now I’ve added the book cupboard to the list. It badly needs a cleaning. I have been cleaning the bathroom once a week, which is awesome because I suck at it. So I’m facing my fears alright.

I have not exactly been eating healthy, but I am not eating unhealthy either. Not much fat but I haven’t been able to exactly control the carbs (read rice, our staple food) and inject more protein in my diet. We eat lots of fibres so I’m good with that and I manage to drink sufficient water so I don’t get thirsty too often. I have cut down on caffeine (both coffee and tea) and I can see the effects. It might just be psychological, but I am not getting too many scary pimples. One or two and once in a month. Yay!

It has been months since I stretched a muscle, so I started exercising in the evenings since day before yesterday. Couldn’t do it yesterday because, hello, sore muscles. It is called delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS). I got back at it again, fearing that if I skipped today I will be at huge risk of skipping the weekend too. I HAVE to follow through on this one and get rid of that weird tummy fat sticking out at the front.

Reading the above once again, I realized that I’m not quite there yet. So time for action plans and action items.

Action item 1: Exercise regularly. Come rain or sun or relatives at home, exercise must be a must. Make time for it.

Action item 2: A very difficult one for me – eating right. Cook at home for two times – morning and evening. Compulsorily drink milk at night. Coffee/tea only once in a day.

Action item 3: Clean one room at a time and clean it completely. Kitchen cleaning on a weekend, it takes that amount of time, given that I have classes to attend on weekend mornings. Cupboard cleaning on a different day altogether.

Goal: Get regular at all the above by end of summer aka by August.

I’m feeling so good already. πŸ™‚