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Summer cleaning update – yes, once again

And I am back. With a vengeance. Back to back posts, Who would’ve thought! πŸ˜€

I had not expected myself to do an update on this before the summer ends. Here I am doing just that, because I want to follow-up with what I had promised myself: a clean house, a clean cupboard, a healthy mind and body.

Read here for the start-up post and here and here for the updates.

I am pretty proud of myself with the house cleaning part, as in, I’ve been cleaning up every alternative day. As in really cleaning up. Cleaning the cupboard is still a WIP. Now I’ve added the book cupboard to the list. It badly needs a cleaning. I have been cleaning the bathroom once a week, which is awesome because I suck at it. So I’m facing my fears alright.

I have not exactly been eating healthy, but I am not eating unhealthy either. Not much fat but I haven’t been able to exactly control the carbs (read rice, our staple food) and inject more protein in my diet. We eat lots of fibres so I’m good with that and I manage to drink sufficient water so I don’t get thirsty too often. I have cut down on caffeine (both coffee and tea) and I can see the effects. It might just be psychological, but I am not getting too many scary pimples. One or two and once in a month. Yay!

It has been months since I stretched a muscle, so I started exercising in the evenings since day before yesterday. Couldn’t do it yesterday because, hello, sore muscles. It is called delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS). I got back at it again, fearing that if I skipped today I will be at huge risk of skipping the weekend too. I HAVE to follow through on this one and get rid of that weird tummy fat sticking out at the front.

Reading the above once again, I realized that I’m not quite there yet. So time for action plans and action items.

Action item 1: Exercise regularly. Come rain or sun or relatives at home, exercise must be a must. Make time for it.

Action item 2: A very difficult one for me – eating right. Cook at home for two times – morning and evening. Compulsorily drink milk at night. Coffee/tea only once in a day.

Action item 3: Clean one room at a time and clean it completely. Kitchen cleaning on a weekend, it takes that amount of time, given that I have classes to attend on weekend mornings. Cupboard cleaning on a different day altogether.

Goal: Get regular at all the above by end of summer aka by August.

I’m feeling so good already. πŸ™‚

Self eye brow threading

I love learning new stuff. I love seeing myself become pretty good at new stuff. And I love continuing doing what I love. To cut a long story short, I learned something new today. Something that I have never thought I’d do.

I learned to thread. Yes, I learned to do self threading. I did my eye-brows and upper lips myself today. In-fact just now. I’m so ecstatic that I even took pictures of the finished brows to post. Such is my blog-o-holic-ness.

This is how it turned out. Excuse my oily and non-madeup face (rather forehead). Its bed time πŸ™‚

My threaded eye brows

I know I still have to learn shaping and stuff, but I removed the extra hair pretty easily, like in 30 minutes πŸ˜› I’m so proud of myself right now.

The reason I thought of going for a self-threading is the ridiculousness of parlor prices. Eye-brows cost me 30 Rs. while upper lip alone costs me 20 Rs. Isn’t it too much? I almost had a cardiac arrest when the last time I got a banana facial done, she charged me 600 Rs. And it is not even a reputed salon, just a road corner parlor. This was a year back.

So now I do my own waxing, threading and facial too. I guess I can open a beauty parlor. Only problem is that others’ hair grosses me out.

Now, makes me think if I can give myself a haircut too. Why not?

Skincare – acne care

We all want healthy glowing skin. We dream of facial skin devoid of pimples, scars, pores, bumps, uneven skin-tone, hair etc. However, not all of us are fortunate or blessed to have flawless skin genetically. That is why, it is very important that we have a skin-care routine that suits our skin. We might not be able to stop the nature’s course, but we might just be able to lessen the intensity.

Here, I am giving a few tips for acne. I have followed these myself when I am on the verge of breakout/s and seen results. So you can be rest assured they are tried and tested. And also no side effects like rashes or anything.

1. Apply toothpaste



Yes, toothpaste works wonders. Get a little bit of itΒ on the tip of your finger and gently touch the finger on the acne. Dab, do not rub. Make sure most of the acne surface is covered, especially the tip. Do this when you are about to go to sleep. Leave it overnight. The acne won’t magically disappear, but you will be able to see the change. If it stays on, continue the same for the second day.

2. Tea tree oil

Tea Tree OilAnother remedy for day-time. To apply it, get an ear-bud (Q tip) invert the tea tree oil bottle with nozzle above it, so a drop falls on the cotton. Press/Dab it on the area of acne. Again, don’t rub it in.
It will burn a little for a little while, but it is kind of faint tingling feeling. This too won’t make acne disappear dramatically. But yes, it will dry soon. It is available in most stores that sell cosmetics. Better buy it at an Ayurvedic store.

Tip: Avoid using too much of it. It peels the skin. If it is skip application for a day or two. I use it once a week.

3. Home made face pack

That has gram flour(besan), turmeric and lemon. Apply once every day. When I can feel the acne coming up, I do it everyday in the evening. Else I do it every 2 or 3 days once.

4. Avoid dust.

Wrap your face in a scarf/stole if you must. It is ok if you look like a dacoit and ignore the stares. Your skin is what you’re trying to save, and stares are a very petty price to pay for it.

5. Find out the cause

Sometimes acne are caused due to an external agent, not only hormones. It might be something you eat, a dirty pillow, unwashed hair/dandruff or something else. Try to find a pattern of what you did when you get pimples. If you happen to find out, avoid doing that to see if it stops acne from appearing.

6. Do not pop that pimple

Take your hand off. RIGHT NOW!

I know, because I used to do it all the time. So much so that it got into my subconscious mind. I didn’t even notice that I was doing it.
This is the worst thing you could do to your skin. Don’t touch it again and again. Don’t let your nails touch the pimples. Don’t pop pimples because it leaves an unclosed pore, ready to take in more dirt and cause infection. The puss could spread around and cause more pimples. And your friends will be grossed out if they see you do that. No, really.
Stop touching your face all the time. Period.

7. Don’t get facials and cleanups done at beauty parlours

Yes, no chemicals until you heal. I don’t need to say more. If you want to clean your white/blackheads, do it at home after a good steam. Get yourself a blackhead remover (ref pic). I got mine from the Health & Glow store in India. It is available online as well.

8. Go to a doctor

Acne are after all a skin problem, and we can do only so much at home. Go to a good dermatologist if your problems persists/worsens. It might be something that you can’t find out by yourself (like a fungal infection). Get treated and diligently follow the routine the doctor suggests.
Before visiting the doctor, make sure you get a few good reviews about him/her. You don’t want an inexperienced handling your skin.

My acne scene is right now little better than in the below picture. So, again, I’m not an expert in this. I am sharing what got me to this level. Trust me, it was much worse.

My acne scene

I wish you an acne free skin. You mostly feel good if you look good. At-least I do. And a skin that looks good and feels good is a big part of that.